Articles by: Ben Sykes

On Being a Bike Mechanic: Kye Hore Interview

Kye Hore is probably no stranger to those of you reading this from Canberra but to those that don’t know, Kye is a rider and mechanic from Canberra who’s been working on bikes for a long time including servicing the A’Hern’s bikes at the recent Cairns World Champs. He’s just […]

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Cannonball Festival 2017: Days 3 and 4

The final days of Cannonball saw the Flow Motion Cup race, Whip Wars and of course the Australian Open Downhill events. The Flow race was hotly contested, with Dean Lucas taking the win. Troy Brosnan showed his dominance of the field down the Cannonball downhill taking the win in the […]

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Throwback: Cairns World Championships Racing

The Cairns jungle, renowned for its selection of insects, spiders, snakes and other nasties thankfully changed with none of these creatures to be found. The schedule change for Champs versus the usual wet season times of the previous World Cup rounds at the venue meant the race would be during […]

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