M2O Industries is a recently launched Australian brand, who have been quite successful in a short space of time, now distributing products to over a dozen countries. We’ve had a few pairs of their compression socks to review recently, and for something a little different we’ve got a review by both Steve Leeder and our editor Ben Sykes of their thoughts so far.

Steve’s Take

I love socks, I was always on the search for the most comfortable ski sock on the planet. I wanted something that was warm but thin and didn’t move. A little while back I was sent a pair of compression socks from M2O Industries.

After reading the package I was really blown away with all the science but really it’s a sock what the hell can that all mean, A lot of their marketing stuff had James Hall on it so Maybe I’ll get that good if I wear them. Ha, Ha, Ha…

OK, so the tech says M2O’s compression system has ergonomically designed (AIB) Anti-Inflammatory bands to help support the lower leg during exercise. Giving you the benefits of full (ROM) Range of motion while maintaining maximum comfort.  Along with a million other things that if you really want the super techy stuff you can read heaps of stuff on their website.

One of my favourite things ever is the feeling of a fresh pair of socks so I had them on my feet right away, well I started to put them on right away.  The ONLY thing I have a beef with these socks is getting them on but that is what actually makes them so good.  A compression sock doesn’t move while your riding. Bunching up in your shoe creates hot spots and that sucks and a sock that slides down your leg is just damn annoying.  The compression really helps with blood flow and limit the swelling in your feet and legs on hot days.

These M2O socks have panels of mesh, which really help breath even more.  Big Garigal loops get crazy hot even in the winter and my feet have been staying really dry from the inside out.

For only $25 these should be your only riding socks, cotton kills and sore muscles just plain sucks.  Thank you to M2O industries so much for giving me a chance to try out these socks and opening my eyes to the benefits of compression. Head over to their website and buy a pair right now.

Ben’s Take

I first heard of M2O when I saw them pop up on EWS privateer and all-round good bloke James “Cannonball” Hall’s Instagram feed. I was pleased to see another Aussie brand release some products when I saw their socks hit the market – it’s what we’re all about here at Gravity Down Under.

To cut a long story short, Trent at M2O, who’d previously helped found Jet Black Industries got in touch and gave me a couple of pairs of socks to try out. I was in the perfect place to try them out, riding the Flow track at Thredbo back in April. Normally I’d suffer from a bit of pins and needles in my toes after a nonstop run on the tracks there with all the braking bumps and rocks, so on my first full run I was impressed that I didn’t experience that. The compression of the sock does make them a little hard to get on at first but does do a good job of managing blood flow in the feet, without ever feeling tight or restrictive.

I did find my feet felt slightly sweatier after a few hours in the socks than if I was wearing pure cotton socks but I never felt uncomfortable. The socks construction has lighter weight mesh panels in the right places for breathability and extra cushioning on the toes, heel and ball region of the feet and the fabric is a high-tech moisture wicking synthetic. I’ve also been walking around a lot in the socks for photo work with normal hiking shoes on and they’ve also been helpful walking around and standing almost all day.

Styling wise I opted for the “Stealth” type with a small band of grey up on the top of the sock and a similar set in red, I’m not really a fan of overly flashy socks so the muted design was just what I was after. There is a big range of different styles and colours to choose from.

Definitely worth a look. Even if you already have enough socks, the compression and features of these socks are something different to most other riding socks out there!

More details at m2oindustries.com // Instagram @m2oindustries

Photos: Ben Sykes & Jaime Black