Following in the footsteps of GAMBLE comes this little edit from brother duo Jake and Dean Lucas – Jake on the camera and Dean on the bike. Check the production values on this, it even has a helicopter!

We tracked down Dean while he’s in transit in Europe and asked him about the project.

GDU: Hey Dean, nice little edit, I had a good laugh at the intro for sure…

Dean: Glad you liked it! Ended up being harder then I thought but I’m happy we got there.

GDU: What made you decide to make it?

Dean: I’ve been wanting to make a video with Jake for a while now and have been trying to get funding off a few different sponsors but wasn’t really going anywhere so I just said “F### it!” and paid for it myself.
Once I decided to do that it kinda made it easier cause I didn’t have to follow what other people wanted and could just come up with everything and once I saw Gamble I know I had to do a piss-take.

Was it good working with your brother again?

Yeah nice to finally have him back filming DH, feel like I’m riding the best I ever have and he’s still making awesome video (not riding related) so why not make something.

For a little shredit it does have a bit of high-value gear in use – how did you get the helicopter for the start?

Well, I’m lucky enough to have a Dad that can fly them so it made it pretty easy to have it in there.

What did Jack think when he saw himself in the movie?

Found it pretty good he had a part in it, will have to have a riding section for him next time he’s down!

Do you think the guys behind Gamble will be asking you to be in a sequel to Gamble if they make one now?

Haha I don’t know hey, might do the opposite and they might not want to come near me now. Jake and I will just have to make another one then…