Racing kicked off on Saturday at Thredbo for the Interschools MTB Downhill race. With loads of riders representing schools all over the country, there was good weather and dusty conditions out on the trails for the competitors down the famous Cannonball downhill run.

Racers in the chairlift queue on Sunday morning.
You can never have too many tyres on a track like Thredbo.
Andrew Armstrong and the crew from Heathcote High chill at the bottom area.
Prepping the bikes ready for the descent

Lillee Pollock from Saint Mary’s Wollongong, Division 2 Female winner with Riverina Anglican’s Tess Buckley 3rd place Division 2 through the Kareela Hut rock garden in practice.

Heathcote’s Austin Lowe

Saint Mary Canberra’s Stephan Ficovic, 3rd place Division 2 Male.
Knox’s Chris Palser, 3rd Place Division 1 Male.
Findlay James, Snowy Mountains Grammar, 1st place Division 1 Male.

It was a Snowy Mountains’ residents day for the wins, with Findlay James and Joshua Jansen from Snowy Mountains Grammar and Jackson Connelly from Jindabyne Central with the wins across the Male categories, showing that local knowledge definitely had a part to play. Sally Potter from Barker took out the Division 1 Female honours.

Downhill Results

Division 1 Male
1st Findlay James – Snowy Mountains Grammar 5:18.97
2nd Lyndon Kerr – Keira High 5:24.21
3rd Chris Palser – Knox Grammar 5:24.44

Division 2 Male
1st Joshua Jansen – Snowy Mountains Grammar 5:20.16
2nd Josh Arcus – St Ignatius Riverview 5:23.47
3rd Stephan Ficovic – St Mary Mackillop Canberra 5:24.30

Division 3 Male
1st Jackson Connelly – Jindabyne Central 6:19.30
2nd Cooper Lowe – Heathcote High 6:25.09
3rd Angus Falconer -Jindabyne Central 6:44.87

Division 1 Female
1st Sally Potter – Barker 7:05.85
2nd Eve Donnelly – Snowy Mountains Grammar 7:09.22
3rd Ella Gould – Mt Beauty Secondary 9:10.81

Full results here:!PWKW6

Thanks to Mandy Lamont for the photos
Riders can download their photos at Outer Image thanks to Thredbo MTB here: