The downhill community are are a tight-knit bunch and often there are people involved in the sport who put a lot more into it than they sometimes get in return. Coleen Kehoe is one of those people, putting in loads of effort into the Hunter Mountainbike Association and their track, the famous Awaba downhill course.

Back at Thredbo in better days. Pic credit Ben Sykes

Coleen ‘Polly Waffle’ Kehoe suffered serious injuries in a mountain bike crash December last year at the Cannonball Festival. This resulted in several fractured ribs, concussion, battered body and severely fractured Collar bone requiring surgery, leading to over 3 months off work and still counting.

At the time of the accident Coleen’s membership with MTBA had only expired by hours unbeknownst to her, therefore voided her insurance and leaving her with no support or income.  Still suffering chronic pain from the injury she returned to her specialist to receive more bad news. The damaged bone in the shoulder has now died and requires another surgery to have it removed.

Coleen has dedicated her life to mountain biking, competing and teaching for the past 20 years. Donating her time to both her local club HMBA and nationally to the MTBA. Recently running one round of the National DH Series at her local tracks, assisting in the other rounds and making the long trip from the Hunter Valley, NSW to Bright, Victoria for the Australian Downhill Champs donating her time yet again for the benefit of other competitors. Sling and all.

Being a sign writer requires you to be very able bodied when it comes to installations, hence why she has been unable to work. The goal here is to generate a small income for Colleen to help her on her way while she recovers.

Ez Pople has put together a fundraising page for her, and you can make your generous donation via the following link:

Update: As of 11am Tuesday 20th March, the initial $5000 goal has been hit! But more will always help and so the goal has been stretched out to $10000. 

Pic credit Ben Sykes