As an ongoing feature we’re going to be putting out a regular new products guide focusing on products from Australian brands. With a few weeks left to Christmas now, here’s a few products to get us started…

DHaRCO Gloves

DHaRCO is probably a brand that needs no introduction to a lot of you. Just in case you haven’t heard of them though, they’re a brand born on the Northern Beaches of Sydney by some local riders who saw a need for quality MTB apparel tailored for aussie conditions.

Recently they released a range of gloves in both Mens and Ladies fits, with a range of different colours and in sizes from S to XL. 

Mandy, one of the founders of DHaRCO explains the features of the gloves:

The gloves we made to be a simple PU leather palm for comfort, with lightweight material for breathability in the Aussie heat. 

There is a specific Mens and Womens cut. The features of both are:
Ventilated upper hand
Velcro-less easy entry
Soft durable synthetic leather palm
iPhone swipe
Priced at $36.50 and available from DHaRCO stockists or online at

KrushOz – Bike Care Bucket

Cleaning product brand KrushOz have released a Bike Care Bucket containing their products along with some cleaning gear. Containing a Rapid Wash foaming spray, Premium Bike Wash, After Wash spray, a cleaning brush, chamois, sponge and cloth there’s all the products you need to get your ride clean and sparkling.

We’re fans of the Krush products here, having used it on our own and demo bikes, it is simple no-nonsense cleaning gear and the After Wash spray is great for getting the bike sparkling. You can also use the spray on fork and shock stanchions for extra smoothness!

The Krush Bike Care bucket is priced at $69.95. Krush have recently teamed with Bikecorp for distribution so expect to see it in a wide range of stockists or online, check their website for more details and a list of stockists here:

M2O Industries Compression Socks

New brand M2O Industries was started by Trent Fitzgibbins, one of the founders of JetBlack, known for their range of grips, pedals and trainers and also distribution of brands including Pivot Cycles, Stan’s and many more. Trent started M2O to offer a range of products including chamois cream and now, compression socks.

Incorporating lots of features designed to increase blood flow, reduce fatigue, increase performance and also have excellent ventilation, these come in a large variety of sizes, colours and designs.

More details at