Cannonball festival is huge in 2017, with 750+ riders registered across 5 events. We catch up on some of the action from Days 1 and 2 of the event…

Day 1

Thursday started with prime conditions following the rain on Wednesday and sunny conditions all day. Only a few puddles remained around the track and with a huge number of registered riders, the scheduling was reasonably intense.

The main race was the All-Mountain Assault. The longest course of the weekend incorporating long sweeping traverses and turns, along with some pedally sections at the bottom. A few puddles and greasy sections remained on course but for the most part it was super tacky dirt all the way down. Gunbarrel chairlift was operating to transport racers directly to the top, and for this year a new finish line area and bottom section was incorporated. For those riders not racing the AM Assault there was the option of Downhill or Flow track practice on the main chairlift.

Quite a lot of puddles left over from the rain on Wednesday
Chairlift runs are the order of the day whether practicing or racing
French wildcard Amaury Pierron’s Commencal. Will he beat the locals?
The famous Thredbo wallride
Shelly Flood
Sian Ahern, Pro Women’s winner

A few sloppy sections down on the track!
Harrison Dobrowolski, U19 winner, powers out of the start

Ellie Smith limbering up before the race run while the queue waits
Mel Hayes
Cassie Voysey
Oi, take my photo please! Sure!

One of a few spots to send it on the AM track.
Dave Ludenia, National enduro series champ on the all mountain. Still recovering from a hand injury.

Pro Men

1st Ben Forbes
2nd Josh Carlson
3rd Scott Graham

Pro Women

1st Sian Ahern
2nd Claire Whiteman
3rd Tegan Molloy

Pro Men’s Podium
Sian Ahern

Day 2

Friday saw the running of the Pump Track battle in the afternoon/evening, and Downhill Seeding, along with Flow practice.

The conditions changed hourly, at a few points in the day small chunks of hail fell, along with showers, wind and also sun. The Flow track and downhill both became very damp and sloppy in parts with the amount of rain, seeing long queues at the bike wash station and plenty of mud covered riders.

Troy Brosnan
Pierron drops into his seeding run, very low visibility up top!
Amaury Pierron, looking to be enjoying his stay
Downhill Seeding

A wait with a view on the Flow track

More slop
Even more slop.
Bike wash stations got lots of use

Pump Track

Remy Morton, back on the bike after his horrible crash earlier in the year
Kudos to this guy, dropped his feet, DQed but still ran to the finish
Duke Millington about to drop in
Blake Nielsen. not enough to repeat his podium finish in the pump track last year.

Brett Pople
Tim Eaton
Tommy Crimmins
Josh Carlson, racing the pumptrack on a coil-equipped full suspension bike
Danni Beecroft dukes it out
Pro Women’s podium. 1st Danni Beecroft, 2nd Sian Ahern, 3rd Harriet Burbidge-Smith
Pro Men’s Podium. 1st – Tommy Crimmins, 2nd Dave Macmillan, 3rd Duke Millington